Service and Warranty

► The “operation manual” document to be sent will be enough to use the machine.
In this context;
Product’s Operation Manuals, attached with hydraulic and electrical basic diagrams, introduces in detail the technical features of machines, operation illustrations of the complete machines and major parts, and safety precautions during operation.
Before equipment operation, users should read Product’s Operation Manual carefully and familiarize themselves with all the content. Only after completely understanding the Operation Manual, can users operate the machine skillfully and safely. This approach will help users in the following points:
• To get a better understanding of the structure and performance of the machines.
• To avoid the danger and machine malfunction due to improper operation.
• To increase the reliability in operation of the machines.
• To prolong the service life of the machines.
• To reduce the maintenance cost and stoppage time.• If you request, your staff will be trained about installation, use, and maintenance in our factory.
Upon request of installation / service / supervision service in your overseas jobsites, will be invoiced additionally. During these services in your facility; electricity supply, necessary cranes during the installation, maintenance, dismantling and service will be covered by the buyer.

► Except the easily-worn parts and electrical system, other parts are guaranteed along 24 months from the date of shipment.

► For any question and for service support on the machine contact ALTERMEKA Engineering Co., Ltd. through 24-hour service hotline (+903125020621) or email adress

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